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Hitfix: The first thing that surprise me is how powerfully emotional it is. I mean, it really got to me many, many places before your first flight.

HC: I know. Like the first half hour - “I was in the movie, I know what the script was.” The first half hour I was watching it, I almost cried three times. I was like, “Hmp, man - man up. Don’t be seen crying in the theater.” [x]

Man of Steel: Clark and Ma Kent [x]



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Henry Cavill and on-screen father, Russell Crowe [Jor-El] sit side by side during the Man of Steel Press Junket in L.A. [x]

Man of Steel Henry Cavill during the Man of Steel Press Junket in L.A. [x via HC&TheCavillry]

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I am so sorry I’ve been absent for months but I’ve been finishing up my degree at Uni and am now officially finished! Woo! 

So it’s only two weeks away until Man of Steel and I’ve already got my tickets booked (three times on the 14th!) as the day after I’m travelling to Africa to volunteer for a month. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can post some lovely things to share with you all. Missed you guys! 


The set of six stamps feature a number of innovative production techniques, developed by Cartor Security Printing in France.Each technique pays tribute to the Man of Steel’s super powers and are brought together for the first time in one issue.

TRANSPARENT STAMP The Man of Steel’s most famous superpower is his ability to fly, depicted here on the 55p transparent stamp that features a dramatic mid-air image.

FOIL STAMP Featuring a dramatic image, this gleaming 60p stamp is printed on flat simili silver foiling, reflecting the Man of Steel’s incredible strength.

HEAT-SENSITIVE STAMP The unique 68p stamp is printed with thermochromic ink; when warmth is applied, for example by holding it with your fingertips, the earth is revealed behind the Man of Steel.

GRANITE STAMP Crushed granite taken from just one pebble on Beauport beach, which is Henry Cavill’s favourite place in Jersey, is applied to the face of each 80p thermographic stamp to give its rough, tactile finish and once again acknowledging the Man of Steel’s strength

GLOW IN THE DARK STAMP Printed with glow-in-the-dark ink, the 88p stamp reveals a hidden message from the Man of Steel’s Kryptonian father, Jor-El. The words are visible only in darkness.

[Jersey Post]

Henry Cavill on seeing Man of Steel for the first time. Waiting for Superman; Details Magazine June/July 2013 [x]


Can you imagine how people on this planet would react if they knew there was someone like this out there? [x]

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